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E-Mail Solutions

Get the Lint Off - SPAM Protection

NYNE's hosting servers have under cover SPAM protection "Spam Assassin". This protection is complimented by our daily automatic backups. Clients never have to worry about ugly styled viruses. E-mail solutions by Horde, Squirrel andRoundMail, have 'blacklist" extras. Our servers block out ugly virus and obvious spam, and our e-mail solutions add a double vested protection to block the spy junk mail. Get down to business. Do business anywhere. You can access NYNE's e-mail packages from anywhere at anytime! Our e-mail packages are Internet base, so go on vacation and check e-mail, link up your smart phone and go mobile!

Personalize Your Name Tag FREE

Think about it. You are all dressed up in your polished web attire, and your calling card says your It's like wearing a formal tux and free tennis shoes? While these free e-mail providers do well for personal e-mail; isn't it time to get down to your business? Newborns learn their language by repetition. Clients learn about your business name by repetition. Every business card, every e-mail should have the company recognition. NYNE Hosting Services will provide you with FREE personalized e-mail for your business as part of our web hosting services. No man or woman, should go without a fine pair of dance shoes!

green hostingGreen Technology

Dance with us and go "GREEN". Utilize the green logo for your e-mail closings. Copy and save for your e-mail signature. Protect our planet. As a group together, we can make a small contribution by reminding our guests to "go green." Thank you.

Mailing Lists and More

Now that your web site is dressed to the NYNE's and your e-mail address is personalized, broadcast the news of your new site to your clients and customers. With NYNE's tool box, you can create large distribution lists to send out your newest press release. NYNE's mailing packages includes other dandy features like: tracing a delivery path of your e-mail (make sure that dunning notice was delivered), auto responders while you are away on holiday or just filtering your e-mail. Further filtering options are available with our box trapper features. Clients can be can be asked to verify their e-mail before sending their query.



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