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Darleen March, Director of Marketing, NYNE Hosting      
Darleen says "NYNE Hosting has helped me tremendously with my IAATAP site; that I just had to join forces to help!  With today's economy, I strong feel we have to help each other to build a stronger community."   NYNE, I believe, will outreach to millions of people whether it be for data collection or good and services.  I wanted to be a part of the creation and joined NYNE gladly!"
Background:  Publisher and creator of, Broker and past publisher of "Paradigm Times & Press", Darleen moved to New York due to the love of the Adirondacks.  Darleen brings her creative talents and project management to NYNE Hosting.  When you look at Darleen's work, you soon realize that she inquisitive and follows through with all the details. 
Darleen graduated from New Hampshire College in a degree in Business.  Former employment includes vocational school and state police administrator, business owner for over 25 years.  She understands knitting the needs of the small and large business owner as well as the organization needs of corporate, to develop a strong support structure.
Jim Gilbert, Director of Operations, NYNE Hosting      
Jim has pver 15 years experience working on Internet servers and websites. Combine that with an entrepenerial spirit and a slew of successful businesses, he is the person that can help you move your company forward.
Background:  Owner, Evolve, Technology and Marketing consulting firm working with companies from the beaches of Florida to New York's Canadian border - from Nantucket Island in the Atlantic to across the Pacific in China. Experienced at making technology work for customers. A proven track record and a friendly personality to ease the pains of growth!
Jim graduated from SUNY Albany with a Masters of Business Administration, SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelors in Psychology and SUNY Canton with an Associates in Engineering Science. He knows how to figure out solutions to problems, work with people with patience and insight and deliver positive returns on your investment. Let Jim and NYNE do the work for you and you won't be sorry. We go the whole "NYNE" yards... and then some.





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