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“NYNE has been one of the best assets in our web development”  While I know we started our web sites the old fashion way of trial and error before we met NYNE; however, NYNE has helped us make those old fashion ways a true success.  Some oldies are goodies!  We are on top of our game when it comes to SEO and searchability.  Clients even still say ‘wow’ you are all over the place and I need to mark you as my favorites.  We are proud to have NYNE as our back office support.  With today’s economy, we’ve had to save on overhead; and the Internet has been our saving grace.  NYNE has been a large part of helping us go through the tough years of real estate.     

 I’d recommend NYNE Hosting to anyone needing to boast up their old site, or starting brand new.   They keep us on the map! Thank you NYNE!

D. R. Cote, Broker
Adirondack Country Homes Realty

One page web sites?   Works for us.  NYNE Hosting took on the SEO challenges for us.  Now, we get client requests every week and we sign up most them.  Simplicity works; but don’t think NYNE Hosting SEO services is simple.  They’ve done a great job for our needs; and have even contributed some input into our network set up.   They babysat us while our system went down one Mother’s Day when our tech was out with family.  A horrible day I’ll always remember.  With some of their tech’s thinking power and confidence, we turned the evening into a champagne one.  They definitely go the extra mile (or style as the would say)! 

Stan March, President

“Thanks NYNE Hosting for the ‘added value’ help.  Your graphic help and programming has moved us to a different platform for our ‘once hobby’ web site.   Your SEO tips are great too.  My boss thinks I’m super (shh).  I look forward to working with on that database idea.”

Doug LeVien, Editor



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